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How to Increase Your Customer Base

Customers are essential to keeping a business thriving. We sat down with sales experts to discuss the best strategies to grow your customer base.

Rising mortgage rates may trigger ‘ARMs’ race

Since the beginning of 2022, the 30-year, fixed mortgage rate has increased 1.8 percentage points. Because of that, more first-time homebuyers may choose adjustable-rate mortgages. Read on for more.

Less competition means more time, options for homebuyers

Home shoppers are finding more options, more time to make decisions and even price cuts, according to Zillow. That's because affordability challenges are thinning competition, giving leverage to those who remain. Read on for more.

Is it Better to Invest in real estate or a Small business?

I have been a real estate investor for many years and recently a small business owner as well. Now technically, I owned small businesses if you count my real estate brokerage and flipping business, and online business but I recently bought brick and mortar businesses. I...

Pandemic-purchased second homes have high flood risk

In 2020 and 2021, purchases of second homes with high flood risk rose 45 percent from 2018-2019, according to Redfin. There also were increases in purchases of second homes with high storm risk (40 percent) and high heat risk (39 percent). Read on for more.